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How to peek at tomorrow's "Stupid Deal of the Day"

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Maybe you guys have already seen this little trick, but here's how you can get a sneak peek at up-coming "Stupid Deals of the Day" over at Musician's Friend. This trick will let you see the image of the item for sale tomorrow, but not its price. Oh well, any info is better than no info at all!


(Thanks to sjadelson for showing me how to do this! :thu:)


Rather than storing their daily "Stupid" images in a database with random or unguessable filenames, the folks at Musicians Friend have made it really easy to predict what tomorrow's name will be. For example, if you were to click on the "Stupid Deal of the Day" link on the home page...




...you'll be taken to a landing page with an image of the deal. Here's today's:




If you right-click on this image and select "Properties..." you'll be able to see the URL for this image, which is:


who don't know this little trick! :thu:;)
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