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How rare/collectible is my Ovation?

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  • How rare/collectible is my Ovation?

    I have an Ovation 1989 collector's
    series acous/elec guitar that I bought
    used a number of years ago. It's the
    super shallow bowl with a metallic blue
    type finish.What really sets this guitar
    apart though is that it has an electric
    guitar style headstock (kind of shaped
    like an Ibanez)with all the tuners on
    one side.Nothing at all like the usual
    Ovation headstock.
    Anybody have an idea as to how many
    of these were made or what they may be
    worth a few years down the line?
    I really love this guitar and I'm not
    looking to sell it;it would take a damn
    huge offer for me to even consider
    selling it.Just curious as to how coll-
    ectible it may be.BTW,you can see this
    guitar on the Ovation website in the
    collector's series list.
    Thanks for any info.
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    Probably rare.

    Probably not very collectable.

    Used American-made Ovations are bargains, because they don't appreciate much in monetary value over the years.

    But I love mine anyway.
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      Yea. A perfect example of how "rare" doesn't always mean "$$$$"
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        Yeah,this guitar originaly listed for
        $1295 and I bought it used for $425!
        I was looking to buy a new mid-range
        acoustic for about $450-500 and I
        almost didn't even touch this guitar as
        I thought it would be way out of my
        price range. I couldn't believe my eyes
        when I saw the used price on the back
        of the the headstock as this guitar
        blew away every other one that I tried.
        Anyone have any idea how many collector
        series Ovation makes each year?
        BTW,Marcellis-nice set-up!
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          If you were to call Gibson and have them make an acoustic out of ...say...Tasmanian Blackwood, you'd probably have a one-of-a-kind guitar, but it wouldn't be worth a hundred grand as a result.
          Meanwhile a Gretsch White Penguin is worth that and there are about 20 of those that were made. Yep, rare isn't all it takes to make it valuble.
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            Ovations are really not collectibles. Bill Kaman can hand-make a one-of-a-kind Ovation guitar and I don't believe it would gain any collectability. The roundback is a turn-off for many guitarists.


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              Strange these Ovations,people are usually sharply divided in their opinions on them.Personally I never played one which inspired me to buy one.I worked with a luthier once in a minor capacity and several that came in for repair had split tops.I believe they may be more prone to damage from low humidity as when the top shrinks, the bowl,being rigid,wont move.Just an aside,no prejudice implied.
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                Collector's Edition Ovations are usually worth $500-$800, depending on the year.
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                  I have a 1974 Ovation Balladeer that looks brand new. It is my go-to acoustic in the studio. It is a good thing that I never want to sell it because it has little re-sale value.

                  But I am sure glad I bought it rather than a Martin.


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                    Cracks on the top of an Ovation are common and don't necessarily affect sound. I have a 1969 Balladeer that has had two cracks on top for a good 30 years or more. I considered putting a new top on decades ago, but the luthier I went to tested it and found a new top wouldn't improve and might even detract from its consistent sweet sound. Things like altitude and humidity don't affect this guitar, and it sounds better and projects louder than many other more expensive guitars. It's been my main live guitar for a long, long time. I also have a 1979 Custom Legend 12 string, Glenn Campbell model that has a very tiny top crack that also doesn't affect the sound. Both guitars have much thinner necks than you'd expect on an acoustic of their kind that does affect playablility. I don't know if they're worth anything, but I wouldn't sell either one, anyway.


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             may be able to help. There was one on EBay a few weeks ago, but I don't know what it went for and I don't know if there's a way to bring up completed sales.

                      I found it. It sold for $500.00
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                      Originally Posted by mistersully

                      if i was in the jungle and got stuck in quicksand... and someone reached out to me with that guitar and said "here, grab hold of this and i'll pull you out"... i'd try and remember the good times when the grainy goo filled my ears and nostrils


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                        There is a reason some guitars are rare--nobody wanted one when they were on the market.

                        I've seen and heard lots of great-sounding Ovations, though. They seem great for playing plugged-in with a band.
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