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Which Vox V847 is this

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  • Which Vox V847 is this

    I've had this Vox Wah for years. Dont use it that much so never thought much about it. Just pull it out occasionally when a song requires it.
    Today I just did a search on Vox v847 and noticed all the internet references say a V847 was usa made, with no dc input jack , and the v847a is made in China with an input Jack.

    The back plate on this Wah says 'v847' not v847a. It says 'Made in China' and not Made in USA. and Its got a dc input jack.
    I've added shots of the inside here too...

    so what is this.. a transition version from when they switched from USA to China production? Anybody know the details?

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    I think it's a Made in China V847a
    pic below is V847a and the circuit of your wah looks very similar
    there's also a rev. b version, but that has VOX logo printed on circuitboard


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