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BE MY VOCAL JUDGE! Need unbiased opinions. [37 sec, soundclip]

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  • BE MY VOCAL JUDGE! Need unbiased opinions. [37 sec, soundclip]

    I've been singing for 2 years now, and i've always had issues with confidence, and seeking approval from singing forums, so that time is here again. Since i don't trust my friends and family, I need an unbiased opinion from strangers, that's where you come in!

    I know the technique errors in this current sound clip, and i kinda lose the rhythm a bit, but that's just a first-try quick recording and let's not focus on that. So i'm only looking for a general opinion on how the vocals sound to you.
    Would you say IN GENERAL, does this kind of sound and vocals be something you would consider good enough to take singing a bit more seriously? Would you say i'm ready to maybe even go and record in a studio even?

    Thanks ya'll!

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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    I think you naturally got a good voice. You're actually really good for someone's who's only been singing for 2 years. It doesn't matter whether or not someone thinks its "good enough" to take it more seriously. You should just do it if you want to do it, you don't need someone else's approval. Just continue working on your voice and developing your own sound. Keep at it.
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