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  • Yamaha FX500 Footswitch

    I have just bought a Yamaha FX500 and would like a means to bypass it from my pedalboard. I am aware that there was an 'official' footswitch to go with this unit however I have a 'Boss FS-6 Dual Footswitch' and was wondering whether I could use this instead..?!
    If not, would there be any other alternatives?
    Thanks in advance.

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    In case you haven't got it the user manual is here:

    You need a momentary contact switch to use the bypass socket looking at the manual. I think your Boss can be switched to either momentary or latching on either pedal so you should be good.

    If you don't have a Midi pedal to change between patches, using the other footswitch in momentary mode would let you cycle round a set of patches. See the manual for more details.

    Good luck with it.
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      Thanks, much appreciated


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        i am also trying to incorporate an fx 500 into a mostly pedal board rig. i had build me a switch that we thought would work to punch the effects in and out (i'm only interested in one preset, so no need to scroll through sounds). oddly, the switch only worked after pressing it twice, and even then there was a bad delay before the effect engaged. the fx500 also sounds bad in bypass, so i had to rule out that option. i am going to try using it in a loop of a gcx, so it will be added into the chain like any other stompbox. i suppose that i can also use midi to ensure that i'm on the right preset. i'll have to be careful that the gain is in the right place, but other than that i don't foresee any issues. has anyone else used a rack effect like this? any advice is appreciated.


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          I got a Signalflex latched footswitch, used it with my Yamaha SPX-90II in my bass rig and I had to engage it twice to turn off the bypass & twice again to re-engage it.
          Found out it's just easier to hit the button with my finger.

          So, don't use this footswitch: ec75


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            Yamaha pedals are momentary contact pedals - normally closed - meaning when you step on the it breaks continuity.

            What you need is an UNLATCHED footswitch. A number of different companies make them. Get one with a switch on the back so you can set it for either normally open or closed so you can use it for a number of different things.

            If you happen to have a Yamaha sustain pedal lying (or sitting) around that's what they use with the FX500 effects units.