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  1. If it were lost or stolen I'd have to hunt down the guy who stole it and kill him. Hands down it's better than the Korg SG-Rack and the Roland JV-1010 and my TG-55. Everything else is expensive and I doubt if I'll get anything else. I've been playing country/rock/metal for years now. My rig consists of the MicroPiano, a Hammond/Suzuki XK-2, a Suzuki KM-88 piano/controller, a Roland D-50, an Oberheim Matrix 6R, a Yamaha TG-55 and a Korg M1R (I used to have a MemoryMoog Plus before it died, but s**t happens.
  2. If I got another controller and found one of these for maybe $100 I'd get one....only for the piano sound. The miniature buttons on the front panel are useless and impossible to see on a darkened stage. There is always 1 red flashing light on the front panel which is misleading. Why is it always flashing? It makes me think I'm in an edit mode when this thing has no editing capabilities whatsoever. If only Korg had made a module that actually responded to MIDI information instead of ignoring it I might buy another Korg product. If only Korg service personnel might open up their minds and say Oops, we do have a problem here instead of saying that the problem is on my end. But I seriously doubt it.
  3. Bim1959

    Electra X-640N

    I've been playing bass for years. My rig is an Ampeg SVT 70s model and my cabinets are Hartke 410XL early model. My basses are a Warwick Corvette 6 string, an Ibanez SR406 that I made fretless and a Hamer CH12 12 string bass. Except for the Hamer I dont play 4 string basses. Too limiting. However, if I were playing a 4 stringer and I lost this one, it would be almost impossible to get another since I havent ever SEEN another. But I'd scour ebay to find another one.
  4. Bim1959

    Ampeg SVT-BSP Preamp

    I've been playing 30+ years, and Ampeg and Acoustic are all I'll own. I've played Fender, SWR, Ampeg, Crate, Eden, Aguilar....but nothing sounds like an Ampeg, and never will. However, I wont buy another one. I'll buy the SVP-Pro preamp (which I have) instead before I get another BSP.
  5. Bim1959

    Lab Series L11

    I've had an L5 (the 2x12 100 watt combo) which I loved. This reminds me of it. It's 200 watts, more than anyone'll ever need. It has a compressor. It has reverb and a multifilter which adds to the overall tonal palette. I just wish it had more gain like my Marshall. I just got it dead knowing I could fix it. I mean, what the hell am I going to do with a 200 watt head without a cabinet? But I would buy another one in a heartbeat.
  6. As I stated, I play alot of different kinds of music, ranging from blues to rock and have been playing for maybe 20 years. It's a very versatile bass, although you cant play it on every song (you're playing 3 strings each time you press down for a note) it just simply slows you down. The painted neck blows and makes it slower also. My other basses are a Warwick Corvette 6 and an Ibanez SR406 (since I got the Warwick the Ibanez stays in the case usually at home). If someone stole it I'd definitely replace it, although at $80 retail for a set of DR strings... Either way, I'd still replace it. All I can say is, if you get one, get a graphite nut. Brass nuts only help out on open strings for sustain and sound. Otherwise what you hear is the fretted note - duh. Think about it.
  7. Bim1959

    yamaha Attitude Special

    I've been playing bass for a good 15+ years, and this is one of the few instruments I've kept. It's got a killer sound (though I wish it was active), and it plays like a dream. If it was ever swiped I'd probably have to go thru hell to find another one. In it's price range there is no comparison. The only gripe I have is all the Blue Books saying it retailed for $699. (I don't know where they got that price, since I saw the Yamaha MSRP book when it came out in Jan. of '95.) Anyway, as I've said, my other instruments are 5 & 6 string basses so this is the only 4 string I've kept. Get one if you can find one.
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