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Custom Rack Builder recommendations?

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  • Custom Rack Builder recommendations?

    hey i need a custom rack built for my rig and i need somewhere to turn.

    What i'm looking for is a rack unit that can hold 8 units of rack space, have (minimum) 2 shelves to hold pedals that can slide out for tweaking (a flat shelf not a drawer) and (minimum) 2 shelves that can be taken out for use as pedal boards

    i've seen someone who had something similar built with shelves but i cant remember who.

    obviously price and quality is a factor for ATA but ive been quoted some outrageous prices

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    The slide out shelves are standard items that can be put into any rack. I've not seen removable shelves, but you could use a fixed rack shelf with a board setting on it.

    Put in more gear spaces than you think you'll ever need, as you'll always find a use for it. Maybe another processor, or a drawer for a spare strap, cable, strings, etc.


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      Bob Bradshaw


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        They build the racks with open corners, and the snake has an avenue of escape if the tub is pushed flat against the back.
        They make it 'solid' and once they need to move it, they find that's it's almost impossible to move without completely disassembling it. If you make it in a take apart design, you won't have to spend a week taking advil when it comes time to move it down 2 sets of stairs.



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