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  • Sunn SPL 1226 Questions

    I have a pair of these 2x15's and i can't seem to find a manual or any info on line of power handling rms/peak. i did read somewhere they're 4 ohm but the back says 8 ohms so I'm not sure on that either.

    any help would be greatly appreciated

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    What do you want to do with them? Does it really matter if you blow them up, or are you on a budget, or perhaps environmentally sensitive? My guess is that you will not get the amount of SPL you might get with a couple of older RCF's and a B&C horn. I'm guessing 122 to 124 SPL would be it for those cabs,:and that might be generous.

    While I have fond memories of Sunn, the memories are attached to the times in which I used the gear, and not to the gear itself. I had a Sunn guitar amp once, that I got in lieu of payment for a gig. IIRC I sold it in 1980 for $10.00.

    In fairness, I believe Sunn did make some good gear at some point or the other, but they also made some questionable gear.
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      To my vague recollection, I think those were rated somewhere around 300w program. Likely the 15's are cast frame with a white Sunn sticker on the magnet, 3" voice coils, possibly model no. SPL-915R. As I recall the cabinets were grey carpet covered... manufactured possibly in the late '80's - early '90's. You might try researching "Sunn Fender".
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        These are Sunn branded Fender cabs (later also branded Fender) circa mid 90s, and the SPL line is basically the only halfway decent pro audio speaker Fender maybe ever made

        It's all Eminence components. Basically and OEM Delta-pro and a psd2002. So rated about the same to other similar upper-MI grade cabs using similar components

        Edit: Hey, found the docs are still up on Fender site. Looks like 8 ohms, 400W EIA RS426 which is actually a pretty legitimate and comparatively conservative rating system.

        manual: Link
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