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Outdoor gig, need advice.

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  • Outdoor gig, need advice.

    Outdoor show that got canceled this weekend here in Hampton Va because of hurricane. Now the sound company that was going to offer their services can not do the make up date. We are (1) of 6 bands playing that day and have been asked to provide PA. All bands are playing free, food is free, free beer for bands. Big annual party. Around 500 people. With all that here's what I got!

    Stage is a flatbed type,plenty big ,elevated.
    There will be a few guitar amps for players to use although guitars are picky and usually bring there own rig..
    Bass rig will be provided for use all day (Harke 1000watt w/DI)
    Drum Kit set up for all band to use also.

    Amp rack (1) XTI4000 (1) XTI2000 (1) XLS2500
    Speakers (2) SW118V (2) S115V clubs. (4) SM112V (2) JBL SR-X4735 3-way 8ohm (2) PRX712.

    We have a EWI 24/8 snake on reel (I love this thing)
    A PV 20 USB board.

    How can I get the most out of what I got?

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    This was cross posted in Pro Sound Web?


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      Yeah. Just thought there may be another opinion , or take om my situation. .


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        And the Gear Page.


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          Seems like a bit of a mix match of equipment. I guess it will depend partly on how big of an area you are trying to cover, and what SPL you are trying to achieve for that area. Outdoor events are a bit tougher to cover effectively than your typical club gig.


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            You're not gonna get it rockin loud - but if the goal is a bit of fun, just set it up and operate within its limits.

            I used my EV live X 112p over 118p for a 500 cap ballroom last night. On paper, it isn't enough. But it was plenty (in fact I got asked to turn down).


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              Usually "the boys" (adults included) in the band see "outdoor show" they all bring the loudest amps....whether they need it or not....
              and they crank'em up!
              My suggestion: mic the vocals and then the kit second. If possible, move/locate the guitar/ bass cabs "off axis" to the vocal mics. This way, you will have a fighting chance to get the vocals on top of the mix.

              You will be amazed how loud the guitar/bass player will get on their rigs. Totally unnecessary but if one has the toys......they are going to use them.


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                Bass is pretty easy to supplement off stage if you absolutely have to, just be sure to engage the HPF on your open mics so you don't end up with a muddy mess. Guitar is a bit tougher in my opinion to do that with. The sound generally beams a bit more and coverage will become a little bit of an issue. The people looking directly at the amp will hear it great, the ones to the side maybe not that good. This is only my opinion from my own experience.

                But again, if this is a more laid back gig then do what it takes to cover it with what you have available to you.