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How good are DAS Audio Powered Subs ?

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  • How good are DAS Audio Powered Subs ?

    Hello, I am interested to know if anyone has had any experience with the DAS Audio Vantec 18A powered Subs. I would like to see some reviews but there is none online that I found. How good is DAS Audio brand for speakers ?

    Perhaps someone could give me an idea as to how they sound and if they are powerful and punchy. The DAS site says the sub is 1000W continous.

    Below is a link to the subs....


    Looking forward to your replies...

    Cheers !!!
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    DAS is out of Spain and more common in Europe. They make decent gear.

    This sub should work fine for you.


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      Thanks for the info Pro Sound Guy... I am thinking of buying these DAS subs because of their size, weight and power. If you feel there are any other powered subs in this price range ($1399) that you recommend would be better then please share your advice and opinion. Thanks ...

      Cheers !!!


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        I have no information on DAS, but am looking for options currently in about the same price range. The two I am considering right now are
        EV ETX SP18
        JBL SRX 818

        Right now I'm leaning towards the EV. They are a bit heavier at 114.2 lbs if I remember correctly, but I like what I've heard from reviews.

        However, I don't know how either compares to DAS
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