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  1. Personally, I dropped off after Musician's friend acquired HC in 2005. I was here a lot before that when things were really "humming". With the 2005 buyout, there started to be tech issues, they made many changes to the site (not for the better etc.). As a result, my usage of HC dwindled to where I only occasionally came back and started using other sites for research. Also, starting about the same time, Facebook and other social media began to take hold and the social aspect of HC was edged out. In short, HC went rapidly downhill in 2005 and social media and other websites that weren't having the same issues began to fill the gap. In recent, years, HC has been much better and I have returned to browse and post more often than I did in the past 10 years or so. Still not up to the level of every day as I did pre 2005, but more often than I did from say 2005-2012.
  2. I just purchased a pair of the Yamaha DSR112 (step up from DXR) and Love them!! Great speakers
  3. I have no information on DAS, but am looking for options currently in about the same price range. The two I am considering right now are EV ETX SP18 JBL SRX 818 Right now I'm leaning towards the EV. They are a bit heavier at 114.2 lbs if I remember correctly, but I like what I've heard from reviews. However, I don't know how either compares to DAS
  4. It is hard to say without knowing what you will be doing, your budget etc. For small parties and coffee houses etc. The Bose type tower systems are good. For larger weddings dances, outdoors, or more people you will need more PA. And a bigger investment. If you start ding bigger gigs you may want to rent a few times to get a feel for what is needed. Re: Mics. I wouldn't get the cheapest thing out there, but you don't need to spend a thousand dollars either. I would suggest something around the $100 Mark sUchiha as the ones posted by Ed above
  5. Well, I ended up going with the DSR 112 tops. Now I'm sub shopping for something to go with them. Contenders I'm considering. EV ETX 18SP JBL SRX 818 JBL PRX 718 QSC KW 181 I've heard good things about the ETX and the SRX and am leaning towards one of these two. The JBL PRX has the advantage of being lighter weight and easier to handle solo, as well as being sold at a discount for about 900 each new. QSC I have heard good things about, but I just have a bad impression of QSC speakers.. I'm not entirely sure why this is, but possibly because I was never excited by the tops such as the k12. Higher end ones would be nice, but things such as Danley, EAW or RCF are both expensive and heavy At any rate, any suggestions on what would match well with the DSRs?
  6. I heard them when I was looking. For what I was looking for, I narrowed my search to the RCF 732 and the Yamaha DSR 112. There were things I loved about both speakers. The RCF sound very musical and are a great speaker. What I liked over the DSRs was that the RCF had a much better low end than the Yamaha. I was actually quite surprised at how much low end they were able to put out... The DSR's I preferred the higher end. Particularly as the volume went up the RCF's got a little harsh at higher volume to my ears, but the DSR's stayed relatively smooth throughout. Ultimately, since I intend to use them with subs I went with the DSR's. If I were going to use them alone, I would have gone with the RCFs. As I said, both are quite good, it just came down to which was better for my purposes.... Hope that helps
  7. Thanks guys! I'm pretty sold on the DSR112 for tops. Unfortunately, nobody nearby has any out where I can audition them, but from all I have heard from you and others, they are the go to box. One wrench in the works is the sub. I have an opportunity to purchase some JBL SRX718s subs for about $700 each. These are an unpowered box, so I would also need an amp.... a big one from what I understand... / Would these be a better option than the PRX series? With the amp, they would cost more, but would it be a significant upgrade?
  8. That is what is making this difficult. There are advantages to 12's and also some for 15's. I guess long run I could think about 2 12's, 2 15's and 2 subs. That way I could use different configurations of mains and monitors, but I don't have the funds for that right now.
  9. My main interest is having high quality sound rather than just loud, and versatility to be able to easily cover different types and sizes of events.
  10. Shooting for versatility. Am doing an acoustic thing right now (which wouldn't require a sub), but may do full band with bass amp and keyboards where the sub would be more useful. Also may DJ a couple of events where the sub would help.
  11. Interesting. The reviews I saw for dxs sub were kind of mediocre. Mostly, the complaint was they were underpowered. Less power than the tops, which is unusual for a sub.. Maybe I should take another look.
  12. I'm looking at getting some new PA gear and have mostly settled on the Yamaha DSR series. Currently I'm trying to decide on 112s or 115s. The 112's are smaller and lighter, which is a big advantage and would make them more useful for monitor duty if I need them for that. However, from reading up, I am getting the impression that you really don't want the 12's unless you are using a Sub along with them. I do intend to get subs eventually, but not to start off - mainly because I would rather save up and get something nice than just by a sub I can afford immediately to have it now). Also, i don't want to ALWAYS need the sub, which leads me to think I may be better off with the 15's. So.... 1. Any thoughts on the 12's vs 15's? 2. Subs - Looking at either the Yammie's or EV ZLX at the low end (no pun intended), through RCF 8004AS, on up to Danley (either TH Mini for portability, or TH118 for the gold standard)... Any thoughts?
  13. My latest mic purchase was an Audix VX5 that I got 2nd hand.... Great mic.
  14. I recently acquired an Audix VX5. So far I really like it. It is kind of a sleeper, you don't hear much about this mic, but it really performs well. Certainly worth checking out.
  15. The Beatles had a lot of great intros... One of my favorites is actually on a song which is not one of my favorites. Lovely Rita Meter Maid -- Sgt. Peppers I drove my girlfriend crazy one afternoon by listening to just the intro to this song over and over while muttering, "Holy @#&*(@!!! listen to that!
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