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    A friend gave me a pair of SHS 12" powered speakers. They seem to function as they should. They look identical to the EV SX200 powered speakers. Has anyone had any experience with these? I cannot find any model number of these speakers.

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      What do you mean by "STE-12"?


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        Let's see, where were they made and what's the "brand name"?
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          SHS Audio is the brand name. Not sure where they were made as there is no model number or anything listed on them. Thanks for trying. :-)


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            Exactly, that's why I said it tongue in cheek... I know what it is and where it's made but that's not what the ad copy wants you to know.

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          They appear to be a distribution company HQd in Indiana. Guessing that they OEM stuff made in China. They also distribute a bunch of other MI brands I've never heard of.

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          Well, that's ambitious ad copy. Maybe an engineer wrote it?
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            "Powerful Spirit P-Line screw on driver" - LOL, wanna bet the "P" stands for piezo? You can tell by hardware on the cabinet and the ad copy that this stuff is nothing more than "DJ" fodder (Pyramid, Gli Pro, Gemsound, etc). Find a barrel of quality MI speakers, empty the barrel so you can look under it. That's pretty much where you'll find these.
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              Thanks everyone!