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Connect 2 Yamaha keyboards to a Behringer PMP4000

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  • Connect 2 Yamaha keyboards to a Behringer PMP4000

    NOOB here, so please bare with me. My wife is a keyboard play and currently uses a Yamaha PSR-E433 and a Yamaha DXG-650. When she plays at clubs with her band she plugs both Keyboards into a Behringer KXD12 amp. We played a couple outdoor gigs and the amp wasn't enough to push past the PA sound and piano's where barely heard. Someone in another band suggested to run the keyboards into an EBTECH Line level/Shifter So I purchased one for $125 bucks and having trouble connecting it up. when connecting everything up thru the Ebtech box going to the PA it overrides the vocals and sounds awful (course I might be hooking up incorrectly, not sure).So after some research online found this group and what I have been reading is that I should be using a DI box. So onto the questions:
    1) How would the pro's connect up 2 keyboards (using the headphones 1/4 output) to a Behinger PMP4000?

    2) Researched a DI box from Radial (Radial ProD2 Passive 2 Channel Direct Box), Can I use a 2 way adapter to connect the 2 Keyboards to 1 DI box then out XLR (left & Right)?

    This is what I am looking at:
    Output from keyboard using a
    1/4" TRS Male to 2 X 6.35mm 1/4" TS Male Stereo Audio Adapter then plugging up 2 1/4" TRS Male to 2 X 6.35mm 1/4" TS Male Stereo Audio Adapter (1 for right and 1 for left) to the DI BOX. Then out from the DI box using XLR right and left to 2 channels on the Behringer PMP4000. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP

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    This is what I do:. Keyboards to a line level mixer. Then mixer output to the DI box. Then the DI's line level output to the Amp for a personal monitor, the DI's XLR out to the PA.

    Here are a couple of mixer options: 0KCQjw6pLZBRCxARIsALaaY9a5cPEzjMIjVbYfmw2RpAhyVN32 pBERt7xF2M0G8nMSwtIq9C4t0RMaAo4xEALw_wcB&kwid= productads-adid^221075135724-device^t-plaid^359652459785-sku^114329338@ADL4GC-adType^PLA
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      You could use the KeyLargo mixer/DI by radial it simplifies the setup using one box. Radial is well regarded for producing great sounding DI's. I have been looking at this to simplify my rig.