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    I thought some of you following this thread might be interested in checking out the free edition of RiffWorks that we just released:

    [Edited link to current RiffWorks T4 free recording software]

    Michelle (with Sonoma Wire Works)


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      Thanks Michelle, that's great! Now more people will be able to know what we're talking about
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        <<Sometimes you have to have some limitations in order to make room for the creativity.>>

        I don't really see Riffworks so much as limited, as optimized to perform a specific function. For capturing ideas, it's really not very's only when compared to a DAW that you see the limitations, but I never saw Riffworks as competition to a DAW.

        It's like Ableton Live: Some users complain that it doesn't do certain DAW functions. That mystifies me; Ableton Live is a whole other type of software. If you want a DAW, get Pro Tools or Sonar or whatever

        I was back reading over this thread today and caught this.................just wanted to say I can't agree more!

        You get some folks on the Sonoma boards making requests for features and functions they consider to be missing, one guy wants everthing patched right awat (always make me laugh).....but yet RW does what it is advertised to do.....and more. If you want those features and functions go get Pro Tools.....

        RW is an amazing No........
        A DAW? No..........

        There ya have it. Work within the parameters you are given.
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          RiffWorks T4 free guitar recording and online collaboration software now available. Free download:



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            hey there! thanks for the attached mp3's. I will download it later cause I am still having problems with my pc now..
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              I just got this. It won't let me copy layers. Nu'ff said.


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                1. There is no way to copy a layer to another riff. You can duplicate a riff and add to it, but copying layers opens up another can of worms like what if the riffs are different lengths, what if they're at different tempos. I expect we'll do something cool that will make all this work, but for now we like to say you played it once, just play it again You like play the guitar right?

                I've gotten around this by copying the riff, renaming it, and then muting the layers I don't want. Yes, it seems messy, but it works.


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                  So far, the long and short of this article is that Window's tried it in a niche market but since Mac's are Intel based now it opens up a lot more opportunities for musicians to be more creative w/o having to have a barrier between programs they can and can't use. Back on topic Mac's program is better and more user friendly then the Windows version will probably ever be because it's dependent on certain products to use it with. Considering all that if you are a musician I would highly recommend you buy an Intel based Mac...and I know you PC users are saying but I can buy basically the same computer at a fraction of the cost but when you think about it PC's (Windows) is only going to hold you back since they focus more on the "general" computer users. With that being said save up your cash and buy something that will actually benefit you more in the long run then "saving" money in the short term aspect of it. Thanks Anderton for giving the step by step instructions and figuring out how to work out the "kinks" although I haven't fully checked out what Riffworks capabilities it seems like a great tool for the people without Pro-tools and a Digi board to be able to create music without having to commit to buying all the equipment needed to record. And to you and your's I hope you've had a Merry Christmas!


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                    I've had this program for over a year now and have never been able to get it to work. The meters move when I play but nothing is recorded. I messed around with it for a couple of days and then just moved on. I don't have time to waste on electronic gizmos and I've about had it with the modern world. I think I'll move to Hawaii and just drop out of this ridiculously complicated world. Computers are incredible when they work but I've sort of come to the conclusion that the net result is that life is wasted sittting in a chair. Who needs the frustration?

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