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Anyone using a Midas 32 board?

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  • Anyone using a Midas 32 board?

    Our church just bought a new Midas 32 board and it is being installed this week. Should get our first look at it Wednesday night. Anyone have any experience with this board for live sound? Also, it looks like it has a USB for two track recording to a flash drive and a USB for 32-track to a computer. Is this correct?

    Any thoughts, comments or insights appreciated.
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    It's a beefed-up Behringer X-32 in a nicer suit - better faders, some higher grade components, a larger display, a few tweaks to the software to make it more friendly for live sound. It's a digital console with all the advantages and disadvantages. Midas seems to have kept their integrity even after the Behringer parent group took them over so you probably don't need to worry about Behringer's 20-year old reputation affecting the quality or design.

    This sort of console is popular with houses of worship because they tend to be used for multiple different setups. With a few taps, you can have the routing and rough mixes for the normal church service, the rock band, the choir, the organ concert, and the Tuesday night men's club meeting.
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