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GROUP MOTION and MODULATOR: Days of Future Past

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  • GROUP MOTION and MODULATOR: Days of Future Past

    Attached are photos of some instruments I built from Craig's original schematics. The MODULATOR, which I believe is what he used in Mandrake Memorial (mine excludes the "keyboard" buttons for a single dial and push button), includes Oscillator, Vibrato, Flip Flop octave division, and brute force 4V Power Supply (plus some body contacts I added).

    In addition, here are two boxes I made that each contain the Filter and Sustain Gate from his Group Motion Machine. I am planning to build the Group Motion Machine 2, the expanded version with the two Sawtooth Oscillators, Comparator, Control Oscillator, and Power Supply.

    Perhaps I'll try to build the Matrix Drums one day.....

    I hope you see this Craig, thank you for all your contributions.


    GROUP MOTION Filter/Sustain Gate X2 MODULATOR MODULATOR circuit

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    The Light Saxony? What was that like? I've never heard of it. Jeff Cain had described the Penny Drums a little bit to me.

    Additionally, I was wondering if you have any photos (or any kind of documentation, drawings, schematics, etc.) of your very early instruments. I know most of your work after a certain point is featured in books and magazines. I'm working on a book myself about home made electronic instruments and your work comes up quite a bit. I have a lot of material already that I've managed to cull together for your feature, but anything additional would be great. Please let me know.