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  1. I wanted to let members of this forum know about a new book I just finished called Cyber Folk. The book is described in detail here: http://www.harpyharpy.com/store/cyber-folk-digbees-electronic-chronicle-exhibition-book I hope folks understand I am not just using the site to peddle my wares, I thought some people on this forum would be obviously interested in Craig Anderton's artist feature in the book (with never before published photos of his early electronic instruments from the late 60s and early 70s) as well as the books focus on DIY musical electronics. If anyone on here lives in the NJ/NYC area there is an art exhibition featuring all the instruments from the book on display. Harpy Gallery July 20th 6-9 PM in Rutherford, NJ (right outside NYC). More info, photos, and promo video trailer here: https://juxtapoz.com/news/sculpture/new-american-instruments-harpy-gallery/ -DIGBEE
  2. I've included pictures of a few machines I built recently from some of Craig's old schematics. The 'Wooly Bear' Fuzz is based on his 'Clipping Amplifier' schematic that was included in his 'Timbre Gate' article in the April '71 Popular Electronics. The middle machine is based on the schematic for the Group Motion 2 machine. I posted my version of the GM 1 awhile back. This is my new build of the expanded version. The other Fuzz is based on his 'Optimum Fuzz' design from the PE-7-'72 issue. Up next I am looking to build the 'Matrix Drums', which is the summit of what I've been working towards. I don't have all the literature on the machine, but I'm going to try to figure it out. The basic premise I understand but some mysteries remain... If you see this Craig, let me know if you'd have any time available for an interview about your early days with Electronic Instrument design. I am working on a book about Home made electronics and music, Folk Instrument Design, and I am collecting material from a few artists whose work has meant a great deal. Hope Yall enjoy, DIGBEE
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