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  • Yorkville Elite 2000 Speakers

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but it seemed the closest I could find... sorry if I'm wrong!

    I received some old Yorkville Elite 2000 model speakers (one of the serial #s is 0081467). They're humongous and way too much beef for my little, local pub band... they're about 4-5 feet tall and probably 100 pounds. They'd be great for a dive bar looking to install a permanent sound system for bands.

    Problem is.. Yorkville says Elite 2000 is not a model that exists, not even on their legacy products page. Google searches keep turning up related products but not the same. I'm not sure how to sell them if I can't even get any background on their value.

    Does anyone know anything about these speakers that might be useful to selling them?

    Photos attached to the post.


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    Hmmmm . . . they didn't come out of the back of a white van, did they? If you don't know what I'm talking about, there was a scam going around several years back where a guy (it was always a guy) in a white van would stop people on the street and give them a spiel along the lines of "my company ordered too many of these [well known brand of] speakers and I can sell them to you really cheaply."

    Your photo of the back panel looks legitimate, but I would have expected the rear of the cabinet to be painted to match the front. Have you contacted Yorkville directly or just looked on line? They look pretty beat up so they might be older than "legacy."
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      At first I was going to suggest that you got hold of a design prototype that never made it into production. The blank serial number would support that idea...
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        To be clear, I do know the person I got these from and no money has exchanged hands. We were possibly interested in them, but he didn't want them in storage anymore so he just sort of dumped them on us and now won't return any of our calls/texts/emails about them.

        I have contacted Yorkville via their web form, but haven't heard anything back yet. Will call tomorrow if that's still the case.

        One serial # is blank and the other is what I listed... I presumed it didn't get its own because they came as a pair.


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          They look similar to 'elite EX-2000, but not exactly. This is a snap from web archive dot org, Yorkville 1997. Sorry I don't know this model though I've been a Yorkville fan for many years. I don't see the EX-2000 listed in Yorkville's current legacy page either, so not everything is there.

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            Those are the ones for sure... they must just be brutally old haha.

            Well I'll go for "as-is, best offer" on Craiglist and sees what happens. This is in Atlanta if anyone is local and interested. Thanks for all the help!