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Wolfgangs vault- incredible

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  • Wolfgangs vault- incredible

    Bill Graham- the most infuential concert promoter of the formative years of rock and owner/manager of the Fillmore East and West was a hopeless pack-rat.

    I will admit Im a total ga-ga fan of his cause he allowed me to see so much great music at affordable prices when i was growing up outside of NYC.

    Anyway- some millionaire guy recently purchased all of Bills stored objects - for $25M. Aside from all the posters, photos tickets and the like he found thousands of both audio and video records of many of the concerts.

    You can actually buy and or see/listen to some of this at the site below:


    Its called wolfgangsvault cause Bills real name was Wolfgang.

    I just heard of this on the CBS early moirning show yesterday.

    When I visited and tuned into its web radio station it was playing a recording of Jeff Beck group " You Shook Me" from a 1968 show.
    To me this stuff is priceless.

    Man I could get lost for days at this site.
    Be there or be square - enjoy it.
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    Very cool stuff there. I was listening to the Vault Radio all yesterday morning
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