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I'll be in Buffalo on Sunday the 14th with...

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  • I'll be in Buffalo on Sunday the 14th with...

    ...7 guitars on display for demo... two CamelBacks, two Mantis' (one short scale and one long scale), and 3 Cicadas one of which is my machinist WoodChuck's (donated for show and not for sale) and also six nearly complete bodies on display. I have been building and sanding my brains out. There are three mantis bodies and three CamelBack bodies of various wood combinations. My hands are so sore right now picking up a fork is an effort... I'll throw some pics up when I get back. I'm also taking 4 CigarBox amps and the 1x12 (Carvin British Series) open back cab and the Carvin 1283 PA speaker to see if I can sell those to get something a bit more compact to haul around. I will have tie tags this year with prices on them to make everything a bit more official looking. WoodChuck also has a bunch of pickup bezel blanks of various woods available for sale there too. I'll be demoing the guitars through that Fender Deluxe 85 this year. I'm already exhausted (got about 2-3 hours of sleep per night this past week) but looking forward to it. Keep your fingers crossed for us! I'd sure love to see somebody from here at the deal... The Musician's Flea Market is at The Hearthstone Manor on 333 Dick Road off of Walden Avenue in Buffalo, NY. I'm not trying to spam here... I just want to let folks know so there would be an opportunity to meet some of you and throw a couple of my builds into your hands for a first hand look-see at what I do.

    Hand built chambered body guitars from exotic woods for the discriminating player...

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    Cool! Got any photos to post of the guitars?