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  1. I've been playing guitars for probably 30 years and also design and build my own instruments. They can be seen at www.rockbeachguitars.com . I needed an amp I could gig with and also would be able to show off my guitars for demos at shows and make them sound not only really good, but it would have to do so at lower volumes and be versatile as all hell do to the variety of instruments I build. Cost was a factor. Weight was a factor as I also have a bad back... I have wanted an all-tube amp that sounded really good that I could afford and there just hasn't been anything until now that filled all of my requirements. This amp is simply an amazing tone machine! It does get remarkably loud, too, if you need.
  2. Greg Bogoshian

    Carvin X60A

    For my playing history and other equipment, visit my website. I would most definitely stay with Carvin but I would probably get a newer model if this one was ever stolen.
  3. Greg Bogoshian

    Washburn MG-600F

    I am a self-taught accompanist and have been playing for about 10 years on an occasional basis for our church. Visit my website at http://www.angelfire.com/ny5/boggs.com/ for more detailed information about myself and my equipment. I hope you enjoy the ride... and there's no minimum height restrictions to take it! ;-) Boggs
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