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an oldy for ya, sony sra 3 preamp restoration..need a tube

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  • an oldy for ya, sony sra 3 preamp restoration..need a tube

    a close friend of mine had a pair of these, labeled bright and dark. the bright one was restored fully, or so i thought, kept in a special roadcase just for it, and i thought, used on a few good stereo recordings. unfortunately, he died and i was asked to go throguh all his gear and help the family liquidate it. i bought some things i really was interested in, like these and now want to use them, but cant ask him what he did, didnt do, or should have done to these.

    fired it up and got nothing..nada, so pulled it apart to check tubes, and i'm missing one.

    on both preamps, i'm missing a 12bh7a tube which i'm guessing drives the 6au6 output tube stage. i see some online retailers that stock electroharmonics reissues of the original gray plates this unit probably used.

    does anyone have a good source of new tubes? i dont know any of the sites i found and am hesitant to part with my money without a bit of info about the sites. also, does anyone have any hints on makes or sellers of tubes to look for that are fantastic? i know theres been a lot of not so great copies and remanufactures of old stuff lately.



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    I'd go with an Electro-Harmonix tube. That will get it working and you can decide if you want to get sucked into this tiny consumer phono cartridge and mic preamp cult or not. I'm sure that there has been a recording engineer somewhere who has used one of these on a project and it was his "secret weapon" but I can't imagine that it would be of any general use in a studio. It's designed to work with the kind of mics that used to come with home tape recorders.

    But to some, a tube is something very special. Give it a shot, but don't spend too much money on it until you know what you can really use it for.
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      i think the ones i have are modded for much more gain..i know we've ran an sm58through the bright one with great results, and a pair of sony c48 mics through it and a fantom power supply too so maybe..

      thats the problem, i dont know or know how to find out, what mods and upgrades? or just butchering, was done to these other than they look really clean and unmolested which is a good sign i hope.


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        try here:


        (This took about an hour to post, due to HC running slow)

        By the way, I think I figured out why the forum has beeeeennn soooooo slllooowww for so long. The URL starts with the word acappella. I think if we get some instrumental backing for those acappella voices, maybe the site will start to rock again!!!

        So, make sure you have a guitar or banjo or mandolin or something in your lap while surfing SSS. If enough of us do it, maybe the site will someday allow people to do stuff like load pages and post and similar stuff...


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          i really appreciate the time invested man. i obtained a vintage solvania tube locally, gonna fire this up tomorrow.


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            Quote Originally Posted by spottyaudio
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            i really appreciate the time invested man. i obtained a vintage solvania tube locally, gonna fire this up tomorrow.

            So, how did it work?
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            You can't bridge these amps (yay).