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Starr Guitar Systems: Custom built harness upgrades for guitar & bass

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  • Starr Guitar Systems: Custom built harness upgrades for guitar & bass

    If you are looking to upgrade the electronics in your guitar & bass, feel free to check me out and contact me! I am new to Harmony Central, but I have a 100% perfect sales/feedback rating at both ebay and
    Starr Guitar Systems (SGS) owner Dave Starr has been playing guitar and bass professionally (WildeStarr, Vicious Rumors, and CHASTAIN) for over 30 years, and doing guitar repair for over 30 years as well. Dave has put his years of experience as a pro to come up with his own line of guitar & bass electronic upgrade systems. So, when you buy from Dave, you are not just buying gear from a guitar technician... you are buying gear from a PRO MUSICIAN who has been there and done that..... recorded over 15 albums, toured the world multiple times, MTV videos, artist endorsements (currently signed with ERNIE BALL strings and EMG pickups), etc. Every SGS unit comes with all of that experience behind it... what works and what doesn't, because Dave has pretty much seen and done it all. And, every SGS unit is custom built and assembled by hand one at a time by Dave here in his Houston Texas shop.

    Note: I build both RIGHT and LEFT handed systems!

    Starr Guitar Systems
    PO Box 3132
    Conroe, Texas 77305
    tel: 510-205-9762
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    Wow, definitely gotta get some concentric pots !!!!
    Do they include wiring instructions on how to wire a H,H,H with 5way Fender style switch to concentric pots ?
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    How many guitarists does it take to screw in a lightbulb ? Five , one to screw it in , hit the switch and four to sit around bragging how much better they could have done it !!!! 😱👹😲