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  • Martin OM-21, OM-18, OM-28

    I'm in the market for a new OM style martin acoustic. I've played a few different OM-21s at some local shops and really liked them. I noticed MFG sells their custom shop OM-18s and Elderly sells OM-28's. According to the specs it looks like the OM-28 is pretty much an OM-21 with better appointments. Does anyone have any experiences with these guitars?



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    Those are good prices. I'd be wondering whether the OM-18 at MFG has 1/4" scalloped braces, or not.

    I just got a 2012 OM-21 a few months ago and it's the best sounding OM I've ever owned, easily one of the best I've ever played...can't stop playing it. One thing I didn't like about it was the tuners, they're cheap. I replaced them with Grover 18:1 open back Sta-Tites. These are excellent tuners.

    That said, you should play first before buying, as CFM builds duds, too.

    I have an OM-35, and a custom shop OM (OM-21 with hog back and sides, basically) have owned a OM-21 Special. They really are the most versatile guitars, IMO. With a good set up, they're good for everything from finger style to jazz, to strumming and whatever.

    You might try contacting Cynthia at Elderly. See what kind of price she can get for an OM-18.

    Oh, the new neck profile on the 2012 OM-21 is fabulous.
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