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  • Posting pictures

    Has anyone figured out how to post pictures from another site (like Photobucket)?    It looks like the new interface allows posting from my own computer (yeah!) but unfortunately I run into to file size limitations when I do this.  I would also like to post things that I have already uploaded to Photobucket but the old method of including in


    doesn't work for new posts (for some reason it works on old threads.    It looks like I can upload each image to this site, then stick them in a thread, but what I would really like is one place to host the images where any forum can access them.

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    masterbilt guitar

    I typed in the URL for the image after clicking the "from another site" option. You have to name the image or the post will not complete.


    RE: image... me playing the Masterbilt DR500mens

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    Your'e right, Freeman. You can now post pix directly from your computer. I don't have any that are too large, but if you do you could make a copy of them and then reduce the copy with PhotoShop if you've got the program to do it with.

    I'm sure there's a way to do it from Photobucket too, but I haven't had any more luck than you have. Sometimes a computer makes me feel really smart.......then, sometimes.........well, you know..

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      I played a festival one time where my band came out in Irish garb and we sang a lot of traditional songs and some originals. Another band played the event before us and they were wearing "T" shirts and jeans. Because of that, we looked even more polished and professional.

      When I played classic rock years ago, we wore white shirts, vests, slim-cut black Levis, and white sneakers. We also wore narrow black ties. We played a big "Battle of the Bands" and we were the only musicians there that were not dressed like we just came from the audience. We won the event by a huge margin and received a bunch of free recording time and several gigs as a result.

      Try it, it does work and it opens doors.

      The secret of man's creative power is imagination.