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  • Aspri Reverb Unit

    Get a load of this:


    http://cgi.ebay.com/aspri-acoustic-reverb_W0QQitemZ170078964664QQihZ007QQcategoryZ128 8QQcmdZViewItem

    I clipped an add for it from a guitar mag back in the early '80s, found the add in one of my guitar cases, thought I'd post.
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    That's a pretty clever idea. I don't think that any of my nicer acoustics
    need that sort of tonal enhancement however. It might be fun to try
    mounting a few springs inside my Chinese Ovation knockoff beater guitar,
    to see if that helps the tone.
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      Al DiMiola endorsed them.

      Of course, he was playing Ovations. :idea:
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        That's so cool! I totally want one.

        I should be practicing.


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          I've got one and on the classical with it's straight bridge, it really sounds great. Brings the instrument to life. On the acoustic though with steel strings, especially with a staggered bridge, I can't get a clean tone with it so it stays on my classical.
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            Jeez, you learn something new every day.
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            • ukverb
              ukverb commented
              Editing a comment

              Hi All,

              just going through some old threads,.

              The Aspri reverb is back in production for both steel and acoustic strung guitars.

              You can pick one up in the US here: 


              UK and Europe here:


              I look after the UK site so any issues with ordering please drop me a line.



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            Thanks for the tipoff!
            Website is updated. We have a few more nylon strung classico and a few of the steel strung acero.
            Hope to see you at the website soon.