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Squier Standard Telecaster Owners...Ive got a question


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  • Squier Standard Telecaster Owners...Ive got a question

    Hello. I have a 2004 Squier Tele has been a pretty decent guitar so far except for one thing. The input jack never stays in the guitar. I dont know if it is a crappy part or if there is something I can do to the stock one to make it stay in. I was juist wondering if anyone had the same problems. Also I was wondering where I could get a replacement part that actually stays in. Maybe one that screws into the guitar instead of the ones that are just fit in the hole. Thank you in advance for your wisdom. Good day.
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    You're looking for OUTput jack advice, just so you know.
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      That's fairly common with Tele's, especially cheaper ones. Just get a new output jack and plate; it should cost you just a few bucks. If you don't know how to put it in, have a tech do it. It's a 3 minute job and they'd only charge maybe $5 labor.


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        Thanks and my apolgies about using the wrong term. Thank you for correcting it because I was never quite sure which it was.
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          If it's just the nut working loose from around the shaft of the jack, you might try brushing some clear fingernail polish over it to lock the nut. You'll have no problem loosening it with a wrench later.
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            Actually, allparts sells one that screws in with two angled screws. I put one on my project tele and it worked out very nicely.
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