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Evaluate a trade I made on Friday!!!

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  • Evaluate a trade I made on Friday!!!

    On Friday I traded $200 and a mint 2001 USA Fender Tele in see thru Olympic white with a maple neck and fretboard for a minty 2003 Fender Eric Clapton sig strat in the solid black color with the maple neck/board. I think I made out like a bandit, especially since I don't play the tele too much at all. Thoughts?

  • #2
    If you're happy with the EC Strat, I think you did fine.
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      I guess it comes down to the condition of both instruments, and which one you prefer. As far as price goes YOU > HIM.
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        don't know about the actual value of these guitars, but I'd take a strat over a tele any day...
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        • #5
          Both guitars were in great shape. Both were players guitars, but they had been taken care of very nicely.


          • #6
            Because the Strat's an EC sig and probably with the quiet Lace Sensor pups, I think you did real well. Although there are some people who think Tele's are the greatest, if it's not your style, you have dealt with the problem!


            • #7
              Actually it's the newer version with the Noiseless pickups...which are considered an upgrade from the Lace Sensors...I love them. They are really loud too...


              • #8
                Right on!


                • #9
                  Well then, no lace sensors!!!! SCORE!!!!!

                  I say thats a damn smart trade!


                  • #10
                    Well done.
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                    • #11
                      Let's sum this up:

                      1. You got the better guitar, with better resale.
                      2. You received about $1,200 (given a years play) for roughly $700 ($500 for the Tele with 3 years play + 200 cash).

                      3. You won big my friend. Enjoy the EC.

                      If you traded with a friend, you should buy him a lunch.