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  1. Hey y'all! It ain't a library! What'dja expect? It might be nice if there were more baffle boards around or is that asking too much? The local L&M once had signs, "No Stairway T.H." by the gits and "No Jump" by the keys.
  2. Let's just cut out all the bs. Don't waste your $400 on a mostly 'unheard of' (probably used) Asian copy of a Gibson with a bolt on neck. A Mexican Fender has a better track record for resale. You might find a decent used MIA Fender for $400. And that's just win, win. Gibson copies are,...blah. Unless they're Epi's, Orvilles or other better known brands with a fan base. IMHO!
  3. Yakima? That's not dyslexic for Yamaki is it? Made in Janap?
  4. Keith Scott, Brian Adams' guitar player. His guitar tones on record have always been sort of chimey. It's that tone that I associate with VOX AC30's.
  5. I didn't vote because I have more than one answer. By myself it's unplugged or quietly with fx. And/or with cans. With a drummer it's louder to match up with him and the bass player. If I'm too loud, it's their fault. At a sound check level, the room determines the limits. Beyond that, it's the stage volume being a nice balanced level where all the musicians can hear whats going on. I have a tendency to be too loud. I prefer a 3 piece band but the drummer and bassist have to be good. I would rather have keyboards than a second guitarist.
  6. !990-ish MIJ Fenders with Ibanez headstocks that I suppose indicate the Fuji Gen Gakki factory. Floyd Rose Originals. The left one is a Fender Talon, 24 fret with factory DiMarzio's and the right one, a Heartfield by Fender, 22 fret with stock, ibanez(?) factory p'ups. They were apparently about $1,000 Msrp when they came out. I picked them up for a couple of hundred bucks each. But I think they're making a bit of a stir in the collecting world but not that much. I like them for when I'm in the mood. Like up against some proteg
  7. It depends on the guitar I'm playing. An LP with a carved top and that TOM bridge sitting so high up off of the body and the outer edge of the LP being lower than the center of the carved arch sort of forces me to anchor my palm on the strings just behind the bridge and I'm also ready to palm mute. On an SG with it's flatter top, it's my fore arm resting on the beveled edge of the upper body which allows my hand to float. I really like Explorers, V's and Firebirds for this because their upper wings provide a good resting place for my fore arm. As for any one who criticizes my technique, I go out of my way to blow them out of the water with my incorrect technique. Then there are people like Django Rheinhardt with missing fingers. What do you say to them as they're playing some amazing stuff with their disabilities? My motto is, "Just play the guitar and be good. And quit the fucking whining!" *end of rant.*
  8. The girlfriend wants delay all de time.
  9. Jeff Beck uses delay. Jimmy Page and his violin bow trick.
  10. For Gibson style whammy, it's Kahlers. Why,...maybe because of the smaller footprint. Less wood to gouge out. Go and find a factory installed Gibson/Kahler'd V. That's what you're really looking for. They're rare.
  11. What's been said so far is fairly true. But I don't think that Kahlers slip that bad. I like kahlers, They are smoother in feel. I have 3 of each.(Floyd Rose & Kahler). I do not hate/love one over the other. Except for the fact that the Kahler is less intrusive and therefore , more desireable to me.
  12. I own all 3 and other variations of each. If it had to come down to one guitar, it might be one of my MIJ Super Strats. HSH w/OFR. Fender Talon w/DiMarzio's. With the rest all locked away in a vault.
  13. Uhhh, who was The Prince Of Darkness in British Auto electric parts? It's all their fault.
  14. Semi hollows are more of a novelty with a plank of wood going through the body from the neck to the rear strap button. My ES 335 feeds back a bit with the air rushing in and out of the F holes but I don't think the hollow wings contribute that much to the tone. Unplugged, it's as loud as a Les Paul. And it's not a light weight either. The 69 and 72 Tele Thinlines MIM RI's with their hollowed upper wing and F hole are just a total novelty. The F hole does nothing for the tone. But it seems to make them seem lighter. I got them both and also a US Tele w/bigsby and an Esquier. They all sound different though. My Lucille has no F holes and I think it's heavier in weight. It feeds back like a solid body guitar. You have to want it to. I have no problem shredding 80's style with them. A full hollow body like an ES 330 is totally different. Feed back is an issue. The thing is, I just love playing mine unplugged. Same with my Ric 330. They're not quite as loud as a regular acoustic but a whole lot louder than a solid body.
  15. I can't believe I just read this whole thread :~( ya mon!
  16. Squiers are coming out of Indonesia now too. Probably from the same factory.
  17. what color is the rest of you?? I looked down one time and was like "holy crap my fingers are black", but then I looked at the rest of myself and I was like "o yea, I'm Black" But the palms of your hands are a little lighter. And the soles of your feet. Everybody has pink tongues so, I wouldn't lick the fretboard or strings either.
  18. Hi guys, I'm currently using an Ibanez Zero point tremolo. With ernie ball 'not even slinky' 12's on it. I tune to C F A# D# G C. Should i be using a different gauge? Also the G (D#) string sounds like its not vibrating freely and its touching something. I've looked at the nut and had a look at the frets - they seem fine. The sound where its touching seems to be coming from the saddle in the trem. Is there anyway I could fix that or are there any sites that teach me how to setup my tremolo properly? Thanks A non-slinky set of .012's down tuned to C(3 half steps down). And your G string is a wound .018 or .020? I would think that your G string saddle's height could be raised to accomodate that fat G string. I also suspect that the heavier gauge is chewing up your saddles at a bit more accelerated rate. I imagine the string tension isn't so bad since you're down tuned so much but all those fat strings on a skinny Ibanez neck which are mainly designed for .009's or .010's, is a bit out of place. I think this is what I might call a design conflict with your choice of string gauge. Maybe what you need is a baritone guitar with fatter frets and a longer neck scale but, try raising the saddle height and, maybe at this time, your g string saddle could be a bit worn out and need replacing. When I play lead, I think my G string works the hardest because I bend it the most. That has got to chew up the saddle. Have a closer look at it.
  19. Nice strap and guitar color co-ordination. It does look good.
  20. Jay Turser's are priced for the beginner. They are made with that customer target in mind. I how ever would still buy some thing better in the 'used' category. I feel that as we all get older, get better jobs, aquire more money and more disposable cash, we all just naturally step up to the name brands as we get older and better at playing the guitar. When we're young and not so rich, we make do with what we've got. If it sounds half decent, 'playwood' will do! It's just not worth it to mod the hell out of a $200 or less brand new guitar. IMO. What's a Jay Turser made out of? Why would you want to know? It'll never be collectible even if EVH owned it. I doubt his Teisco Del Ray (if he still has it) is worth anything except maybe at an auction for charity. I still doubt it. Will the Jay Turser, rot and stink after a while? No, but it might start to fall apart if you don't take care of it. I think of them as a hand-me-down type of thing. Not for re-sale but for your little bro, cousin or friend. When you reach your late teens and after, your associates will probably all be into 'one-upmanship' and the whole bragging rights kind of thing. The fortunate thing these days is, that type of guitar can still be found used for around $1,000. It might sound like a lot at this time but it really isn't. It's still cheaper than a car, insurance and maintenance.
  21. I think all fanatics who are bent on bombing innocent people are bad and should be taken out of the picture. I'm not sure if an American pullout of the middle east will stop the war. Another 911 attack would escalate everything.
  22. 's mel gibson

    Half stack?

    Save your money a little more and get what you really need. A used Marshall 4x12 1960A and either a used 50w or 100w Marshall JCM 800 hd. What ever good deal shows up first. I have a pair of Marshall 2x12 1936's that are great as well. You've got a Marshall now, you might as well stick with Marshall. In the end, you should wind up with a huge collection of Marshalls. It just takes time. You should also plan on getting a truck or a van to move your stuff around. As you get some gigs, there's no way around it if you want to be independent. I also have a hand truck for my Marshall 2x12 combo's. They are heavy.
  23. A fat Fender neck! Is it fatter than a Gibson? I've never really experienced a fat Fender neck compared to some Gibsons.
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