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  • C.G. Winner? Help!

    Hi everybody!

    some days ago I purchased a used electric guitar on eBay. The vendor calls it "C.G. Winner". My problem is that there is hardly any information about this guitar or even the manufacterer on the internet. I also searched some big guitar-related boards like this one but nothing there too. All I know is collected from two short user reviews found on google and some more small photos of owners.
    The guitar was made by "CG Winner" or "Winner" in 1971, I guess - A company that made repics of Gibsons and Fenders later the 80's. It has 2 Humbuckers and LesPaul switches...

    Has anyone any knowledge about this guitar?

    Link to a guitar's photopage on german: http://www.guitarmaniacs.de/html/users/axekingarmin/axekingarmin-gitarre-misc5.shtml

    Thanks in advance!

    yours, Flo
    RODHA sludge, metal, hc