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  1. For the first time in some years – actually since the big changeover/hiatus here on HCFX, hi Phil & folks– I am experiencing GAS again. Back then I switched from guitar to bass and settled in a great band. By chance a guitar fell in my hands and by another chance, I learned about the Resonant Electroincs Manifold Drive. Far too late it seems, since I can’t find a single used unit, nor do dealers stock and all I got back from the manufacturer was "better save for the chase bliss brothers". Well, I don't want a boost and a fuzz and two channels for my half-hour-a-week-bedroom-doodling. So what’s the deal with getting hold of the original pedal? Is it discontinued? Do Res.El. only build amps nowadays? And in the unfortunately event of no availability – has there ever been a contender, soundwise? Also, if you got one collecting dust, I'll take it.
  2. Looking for a SMM with HAZARAI. Preferable with shipping to Germany, no need for a PSU. Hit me
  3. Hey man, thanks a lot for taking the time to help me out. The snare is slightly to the left. I wanted it that way to achieve at least a little bit of spread since the guitar and bass is mainly centered. The right-sidedness of the guitar is a result of slightly different EQing the one live take track. So it might be psycho-acoustically. I reworked the kick and snare eversince I posted the link. I ended up finding a trick for the snare to sound how I wanted it and also improved on the kick. I sent the EQ to an aux channel, down pitched it and put a fully wet reverb on it. Blended in, it added that down-tuned, almost woordrim sound I aimed for. Here's the link to the current, almost final version of it, this time even with vocals http://soundcloud.com/we-are-rodha/bliss-voc-v2/s-WMCak Thanks again!
  4. Hey guys, here is a mix of a rather heavy rock track. Vocals will be recorded by tomorrow but I put some work in this mix already. The song was recorded fully mic'd in a live take. Guitars and bass are okay for my taste but the kick and snare could still use some punch. Any tipps appreciated. http://soundcloud.com/we-are-rodha/bliss-v5d/s-g3A2V
  5. A Screaming Panda has been on my list of fuzzes to buy for a while. The clips on the Stomp Under Foot website are great. The builder, Matt, is also a super cool guy. I can't remember if he posts here or at The Gear Page or both sites, but his posts are really helpful (especially when Big Muff questions come up). Here's what Matt said about the Screaming Panda when I emailed him about it: The Screaming Panda was inspired by the extremely rare and impossible to find DiMarzio Very Metal. DiMarzio made a pedal from 1987-1988 and then stopped. I had an original 1987 version (and have since found another one for my collection) and always regretted selling it. The sound of the pedal was always rolling around in my head. It reminds me of an Overdrive with some Rat and Big Muff in it. I started to come up with as close to the sound I remembered as possible. I think the Screaming Panda is pretty close but it is a lot more usable as the tone control actually works and there is a pretty good gain sweep. Don't start a hype here. Kayzer had tha Very Metal pedal lately and ditched it quickly iirc
  6. Ratty is quite accurate. So is 'shy' for the Reeves hiding down there
  7. That's some nice twang there mistertripledegree
  8. Did you dremel the bridge so you could use a (semi) standard Tele bridge with that bigsby? Exactly. Not as smooth and pretty as Crxsh's but it works.
  9. Here is mine, finished for me now, except a rosewood fretboard neck maybe
  10. Totally in. Met him twice with QOTSA, and he was really mellow and totally relaxed.
  11. Thanks Steve This deserves a quote for greatness
  12. Neo - try the PowerTrons - a little more balls than a Filtertron. Thanks for the advice. I'm not so sure if Gretsch-style pickups are the best choice for a Tele like mine after all. If I see one, I'll try it
  13. That Squier Tele is killer like that. I loved the neck pickup in the one I had, but couldn't get along with the bridge. I might buy another and do just what you've done, sans the trem. Is that an Artec of GFS pickup? Thanks. I like it's sound a lot, although I am over curious to see what a rosewood fretboard would do to it. I didn't get the bridge pickup like you. The one I got is a Filtertron knock-off from a french ebay dealer. 20
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