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Who's familiar with the 50's Reissue Telecaster?


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  • Who's familiar with the 50's Reissue Telecaster?

    I've always wanted a real Tele. Unfortunately, I sold my Tokai Tele a few years ago because the neck was too fat fro me...it sounded good, though...I wish I had it now.

    Anyway, these "50's Reissue" Telecasters are priced pretty reasonably, and I've been thinking about getting one.

    Are they any good? They're made in Mexico, right? Ash body, or ?
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    Ash body. Vintage-spec maple neck (round 7.25 fretboard radius and small frets). If you want a more modern feeling neck on an otherwise vintage-style body, there is the muddy Waters...ash body, rosewood fretboard...9.5" radius, medium-jumbo frets.


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      I really liked it. I was in love with the 52 RI for awhile. I played a 50's RI because I thought the white would look cool with a black guard a la Jeff Beck

      It really plays quite nice. There is no comparison between the Standard MIM and the Classic Series MIM. I'd venture to say the Classic Series coming out of Mexico are some of the best bang for your buck guitars out there.