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    hi guys, atm i have a peavey exp generation custom which i love, and a 50's CP strat which i don't love so much. its a lovely guitar, and plays fantastic, but i just find the pickups a little thin for me, and they don't really handle anything more than a very light distortion.
    so anyway, i'm looking to sell the strat and get another guitar.
    4 i'm looking at are the fender deluxe roadhouse strat, the deluxe classic player strat, the Baja tele, and the FMT tele.

    i haven't had time to try any yet, but i just wandered what the general opinions of them are. I play mainly in church and at home, and i don't really play metal, so i'm not looknig for something really heavey, just something with a nice clean tone, and can handle distortion well.
    i play through a tsl602.

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    i would swap the pups out in the Strat myself... check out Rose Pickups Meriposas and Buff Beauties, i own/have owned both. great cleans and very nice gain sounds...


    another option is BG pickups...
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