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Well I made the jump, changed my setup.


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  • Well I made the jump, changed my setup.

    I had been thinking about going rack mount (V-amp pro) into a foot controller (fcb1010) so that I good get a nice pallet of tones to use playing live while being able to switch easily and program fully.
    I had always like the modeling units I have had and even like my Line 6 Spider II as far as the tones within are concerned. Just not crazy about spending another $200 for an FBV shortboard to make the amp work for me live.

    The solution:
    POD XT Live.
    I got it on Monday and used it at practice Monday night and really like the direction I am headed. While on Monday I had to use it through a tube head that I never really got along with the tones were good. I have a stereo power amp that is going to replace the tube head on Thursday and we'll see what happens.

    As it stands the XT Live (got it for $150) is doing all I wanted it to do. I love having all of the programmable banks of presets to tinker with. The "stomp" and modulation effects are way more tweakable than the limited effects on the Spider and many of them sound damned good. No outboard pedals or effects needed!

    I have also discovered how good my old BGW Model 100 professorial series power amp sounds. I think it's vintage 70's stuff. I will push 50W/side stereo at 4ohms which is what my cabinet is wired for. Don't know if that will be loud enough but will find out soon enough.

    I did have the chance to try a used Tonelab floor modeler and while I like the cleans better than Line 6 cleans the dirty settings (admittedly where i spend more time) on the POD are what I guess I hear in my head so.
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    XT Live is a pretty well thought out unit.