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  • OT: been playing drums recently

    I got a cheap free drum set with a high hat, snare, two toms and a bass drum. All hardware included! I rigged a crash to a music stand, and all I've been doing is playing drums! anyone else try out some more rhythm based instruments? How did it affect your playing?
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    I can play a kit somewhat, but have gotten fairly advanced over the years at playing my drum machine live with my fingers. Easily good enough for live jamming and demo work. Unfortunately, being abble to trigger the drum machine in that way doesn't do SQUAT to help you play a real kit. The best solution will eventually be to get a very good electronic full-sized kit so I can record in silence if needed. I know I could get acceptably good on real drums with a little time to practice without having to worry about being too loud...

    Learning to do fast rolls on the drums had a major influence on the way I do certain kinds of riffs----love it!!
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      I play drums well. It didn't necessarily make me a better guitar player, but playing from another perspective did help me learn how to fit in a band better.
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        I bought an electronic kit a few months ago. I always wanted to play drums and decided to go for it. It has made me analyze my rhythym quite a bit. I've never conciously counted when I played guitar, playing very instinctively. Now I've been doing a ton of counting when I'm playing guitar and I have noticed that my rhythmic feel is much tighter.


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          Just got my electronic kit the other day.


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            Just got a little Gretsch kit last week. Use to play years ago. Just been working on basic beats. Meat & potatoes stick control stuff. Comming back slowly.


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              Eventually my next acquisition...I want to get a good electronic kit and start practicing...just started piano in the last 6 weeks.
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                I practice for 5-10 minutes every week, when my drummer goes out to take a leak or fetch more beers during rehearsal. I can keep a simple 4/4 rhythm at first, but I start to lose control after a minute or two.

                If I had the space/time/money/etc I'd love to pick up a kit and improve. I occasionally run a local blues/rock jam session when the guy who usually does it is away - sometimes we're short of a drummer especially early on in the evening, and it would be good to be able to fill in.