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Has anyone dealt directly with Red Dirt Guitar Works outside of eBay?

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  • Has anyone dealt directly with Red Dirt Guitar Works outside of eBay?

    I got one of their eBay bodies a while ago and I want another done to spec.

    I've sent them a few emails trying to get a quote on a body, but I get no response. I would call but there is a message on their website:

    We are happy to take phone calls,
    but since we work around loud machinery
    all day long, we often don't hear it.
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    I've bought a couple of bodies direct from their web site. Communication via email was slow, and it seemed like the person answering emails didn't actually do the wood work, so they couldn't answer technical questions. Seemed like a small family-type business.

    Quality was good, however.
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      I got this body from jelloman and he told me it came from Red Dirt.

      I tried to get a bid from Red Dirt when I was doing my La Cabro build last year and could not get a definitive price out of them. After multiple e-mail requests and still no price, I went with Marc Rutters. Marc is great to work with and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from him again.
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