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rewiring my telecaster... is this even possible?


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  • rewiring my telecaster... is this even possible?

    I was brainstorming the way I use my guitar, switches and knobs and wanted to know if this would be possible. (i don't really know how a tone knob works but I assume it's just a resistor)

    2 main things:

    A) I only ever just use the bridge or the neck pickup (never the middle one)

    B) my tone knob is either always max or min.

    I have a 5 way pickup selector so i was thinking about just getting rid of the tone knob and hard-wiring the resistor into the pickup selector. disconnecting the middle pickup too.

    would it be possible to rewire the pickup selector

    1 neck tone max

    2 neck tone min

    3 nothing

    4 bridge max

    5 bridge min

    get rid of the tone knob and just put two volume knobs - one for each pickup

    do they sell 4 way pickup selectors?

    my tele also came with the switch and the knobs reversed positions (where the knobs are closer to the neck). it's no fuss to reverse that right?
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    Yes, this is easily doable. You can use one of these: http://goo.gl/eqjrM
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      hopefully my tech sees it as simple
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