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Eastman 610 dreams

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  • Eastman 610 dreams

    I'm starting to think one of these is in my near future

    My skills on jazz guitar are beginning to develop rapidly, and the limitations of my Robelli jazzbox are becoming apparent. In particular, the wolf notes on C are getting tiresome. And now the wiring harnesses inside have come loose, and repairing it is a PITA. It's unfortunate because, while it was a cheap guitar, it is beautiful to look at and the neck is superb.

    Meanwhile, the Eastman's top is carved spruce (instead of heat-pressed spruce laminate) and it would still be around $1500. A store that carries them is about an hour away. So for the moment this is nothing but a dream, yet it has lots of elements that point to it becoming reality

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    Definitely dig it! I've been wanting a Peerless Manhattan for a while now which is in the same ballpark. Would definitely like to take that Eastman for a spin.
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    "When it comes to gear vs talent I'll be the first to admit that I sit in the Mayor's seat in Poserville."


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      I went thee. Turns out the store is a dealer, but does not stock them.

      How do they expect to sell what they don't stock?? If I want to order, I can do that online.... Sometimes, brick&mortar stores have only their own mismanagement to blame for lost sales


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        If you can try and check out the Godin 5th Avenue Jazz too. The store up the road from me had both the 5th Avenue Jazz and a comparably priced Eastman in stock the last time my jazz playing friend was in town and we both thought the Godin had the superior tone along with great playability.


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          A change in plans.

          No one around has one in stock. So I have ordered a piece of wenge and a pair of thumbwheel 500k pots. Gonna make a new pickguard that contains all the electronics so nothing but the output jack lead runs into the body. I'll live with the wolf note.


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            The thumbwheel 500k pots and the capacitors have arrived. The wood is on its way. Here's the guitar now (not mine, but essentially an identical copy):

            I'll take pics when done.