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I just made my 1st major purchase of the NY - VHT Special 12/20 Amp Head


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  • I just made my 1st major purchase of the NY - VHT Special 12/20 Amp Head





    With price matching it was just $297.

    I'm wondering what I will think of it.

    I followed a Great Deals link to GC and then got a M123 123\% deal.

    Made In China seems like a caution, but it seems like a tinker's dream.  Built for swapping tubes and special attention to effects loop with built in pedal power.


    There's pretty limited reviews/comments about these amps on the intertubes.  So it is a bit of "shot in the dark" on my part.







    A great-sounding, pedal-friendly amp with selectable power ranges.

    Building on the success of the popular VHT Special 6 and Special 6 Ultra, the VHT Special 12/20 features increased power (with two power ranges), a unique preamp specifically designed to excel with pedals and multi-effects units, a convenient built-in 9-volt DC pedal power supply, an all-tube buffered effects loop with send and return level controls, VHT's unique Depth and Texture controls, and variable Watts control.

    To optimize the amp for a wide range of output tubes, the VHT Special 12/20 offers two output-power ranges; safely located behind the rear panel, a special voltage range switch provides the proper voltages for 6V6 or EL84 output tubes (in 12-watt low-voltage/low-power mode). The high voltage 20-watt setting provides the ideal voltages for higher-power 6L6 or EL34 output tubes. The Special 12/20 ships from the factory with a pair of 6V6 output tubes (VHT 6V6-to-EL84 socket adapters are required for operation with EL84 tubes). In addition, the Special 12/20's variable Watts control can reduce the maximum output power to less than one watt for whisper-quiet volume levels.

    The Special 12/20 preamp was designed to bring the most out of every effects pedal and multi-effects unit with enhanced clarity, detail, and controlled tube compression. Its low-impedance buffered effects loop send

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