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Noiseless bridge pickup for my Tele

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  • Noiseless bridge pickup for my Tele

    I put a GFS rail pickup in a tele of mine and I am not digging it. I want to go back to a more traditional tele sound, but I want noiseless. Can you people recommend me a good noiseless bridge pickup for my tele that gives me telecaster characteristics but fatter and warmer sounding?


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    My vote go's to Kinman Broadcaster.


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      DiMarzio has three pickups that will interest you:

      Area T: Awesome noiseless pickups
      Area T 615: Louder but still vintagey sounding
      Area Hot T: A warmer Tele bridge pickup

      My thinline w/ DiMarzio Area T pickups is my favorite guitar to play around the house, the tone is just great. Also, if you want fatter and warmer, what about just getting vintage output pickups but getting a 4-way switch? That's how I get my sounds and I love them.
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