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jaguar replacement pickups

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  • jaguar replacement pickups

    replacing the pickups in my MIM classic player SS jag. I have the option of getting a set of american ones with the pots for 60$ or a pair of just the pickups from a 50th anniversary jaguar. Not sure if the 50th anniversary jag has the same american pickups and if I really need to replace pots or not.

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    Why are you replacing the pickups in your Jag?

    There are a lot of amazing sounding small maker pickups like Klein, D. Allen, Don Mare, Bill Lawrence, Fralin, etc., that are worth looking into.

    Prices can be considerably higher than stock, but if they are for an instrument you play a lot the investment can really be worth it.
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    • docjeffrey
      docjeffrey commented
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      I have a beautiful MIA Jag from around 2008. I installed a set of Duncan 1/4 Pounders to give it some extra grunt, but they made it sound like a cheap strat. I eventually went back to the originals and I like them. The bridge pickup is very harsh at full strength, but backing off the tone pot really helps. I think that those Jags have the traditional 1 meg volume pots, but they might be better served with 500 k or even 250 k pots.

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    AVRI pickups are not expensive, and Duncan makes a lot of different flavors, from SJM-1, 2, 3 (quarter pounder), to Antiquity. None of these are expensive, either.

    And there's the option of going to 250 pots, or 500. I go with 500 in my offsets but that's just me.

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    • Mad Tele
      Mad Tele commented
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      avri pickups or novaks. that 1meg is kind of killer too but some like it.