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Tried 100k pot for AHB-1?

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  • Tried 100k pot for AHB-1?

    Hi guys,

    Has anyone tried usings 100k pots for their AHB-1 Duncan Blackouts? Currently, they have 25k pots... I don't know if my settings aren't correct or something, but I feel my neck pickup is too boomy (close to being muddy, actually). I was thinking maybe 100k pots will fix it. I haven't tried disconnecting my tone pots so I think this option too will fix that... I don't use the tone knobs often anyway.

    I'm using 11-56 strings in a 24.75" scale guitar, drop c tuning by the way.


    These are my other options other than changing the pots to 100k:
    1- Disconnect tone pots.
    2- Add a .047 capacitor to the wiring ( as per I'm thinking of placing it between the overall hot wire and tip of the output jack.

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    • wartoxin
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      Blackouts? As in an active pickup like an EMG? You're barking up the wrong tree, changing pot values, disconnecting pots, whatever won't have that kind of tone effect, that is a passive thing. I don't have a quick solution for you, but there may be some popular mods for that somewhere like Duncan forums.



      at first the link in your post didn't work for me, anyway now that I see it, that is intended for passive pickups, and would probably give you no bass at all, but try it, I could work anyway, maybe with a different capacitor (higher).