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Wow, George Harrison was pretty good


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  • Wow, George Harrison was pretty good

    OK, so mastering the obvious there ... listening to a bunch of songs on which he played lately, I was struck at how instantly recognizable he is, and wondered: how the hell DID he get that "singing" sound?  You know, like the solo in "Day After Day?"  The bends are soooo particular to him ...


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    George was a truly special player. Some of my favorite lines and guitar tones came from George.
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      Underrated in some circles. but a great player in his own right. His guitar work on the later Beatles album is stellar and distinctive.
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        I liked George's contributions on the early stuff. Concise, to the point: All My Lovin', Til There Was You. He floundered a bit for awhile and Paul McCartney played a lot of the memorable bits: Ticket to Ride, Daytripper,Taxman. Geoff Emerick, in his 'Here ,There and Everywhere' book often refers to George taking a LONG time to record his lines. He even had trouble with that cool cascading lick on Help. George came into his own on Abbey Road and All Things Must Pass. He found a signature style that had great influence.

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      I'm watching AHD'sN right now!

      I love his work on the 12 string Ric.

      I read something lately (can't remember where) and the writer was wondering how he managed to play the music he did on a Ric 12 string. Is it hard to play? I've never even held a 12 string.
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        George was one of the most tasteful guitarists, ever, period.
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          Everything I've ever read regarding the band suggested that at the time John and Paul enlisted George he was considered the best guitarist around and was brought in specifically to infuse their melodies with fills and solos.  Now the fact that Lennon and McCarthy were the established songwriters of the band made Harrison's job very subordinate to the other two and I believe his job was to listen and regurgitate rather than create.  No one has mentioned the fact that whether or not Paul subbed for George in the studio to get what he wanted , Harrison played the bits live. 

          I believe Harrison was always a gifted guitarist, but as the youngest member with little more than sideman status, it probably wasn't the best vehicle for his own development as an artist.  Still, when he did get around to it, his compositions were iconic and evocative.  While my guitar..., Here comes the sun, and Beware of Darkness are some of my faves. 

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          HeatherAnnePeel wrote:
          George was one of the most tasteful guitarists, ever, period.

          Accepted as solution.