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Anyone Want to See the Guts of a Valvetech VAC25?


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  • Anyone Want to See the Guts of a Valvetech VAC25?





    The guts:




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    Is it just me or am I just not all that impressed? I mean it's well done but it looks about as good as a kit job and I feel like for an amp like that which is looked at inside and out, it could be a bit more OCD with neater cables and such. Obviously it doesn't affect the product at all but I'm just saying...
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      Hm.  Not sure what you mean.  It's generally bolted into the top of my cabinet, so not visible at all.  With all the Hayseed gut-shots around, I thought a peek inside a VAC25 might be helpful.


      I know the small pics make it hard to see, but the soldering is IMMACULATE.