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Troubles tuning - dropping 1 whole step

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  • Troubles tuning - dropping 1 whole step

    This might be me being really stupid, but I can't get this to make sense. I was gonna drop all the strings 1 step. After I got the 6th and 5th string into D and G, I started working on the other strings, after they were all in tune, I went back to the 6th string, which now has become a D# and the 4th became way too sharp.

    Basicly when i tune the strings, the others comes out of tune, I got no idea what is going on, please help.

    I got a Ibanez RG2550z, it has got a trem. If that is relevant.

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    This is normal.


    • Danhedonia
      Danhedonia commented
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      One possibility (and a common occurrence) is that changing the tension of your strings is going to have an impact on your set up, and hence your ability to tune the guitar.

      If you drop the tuning, you are reducing the tension on the strings.  As you do this for each string, it impacts the tension of the other strings.  It can take a bit to get them all settled.

      More importantly, if your guitar is sensitive to the string tension as far as neck bow, or you already have really low action, you may get fret buzzing or other issues by dropping the tuning.

      Be patient, keep reworking it, and realize that you may need to make some minor changes to the set up.

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    as you loosen the strings, the trem springs pull them sharp.  tune below your target until strings don't go sharp (rinse and repeat...).  you'll then prolly have to tune up to your pitch.

    acoustics and electrics of different aspects. some amps and cabs
    and a multifx...


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      Appreciate the help, thanks a lot.