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    i have played .10s on all of my guitars for probably 12 years now.  

    last year, i ended up scoring a PRS DGT which comes set-up with 11s.  the thing is, between the scale, big frets and comfortable neck, i didn't even notice the difference in string gauge at all.  

    last month, i bought a PRS hollowbody that was strung with .10s from the prior owner, but i remembered that the factory spec called for 11s on this model as well.  


    so earlier today, i restrung the hollowbody with .11s and it's total bliss.  there's a certain amount of tightness that comes from moving up a gauge, but it's not a struggle and the tone is a little more authoritative; punchy and bold, with a nice snap on the high strings (beyond just the fact that they're new strings).

    so, now i'm thinking about grabbing another pack of .11s for one of the LPs to see how i like that change.  the frets aren't as big on the LPs as they are on either PRS, so it might not be the right fit, but i figure i'll give it a shot.

    anyone else moving up (or down) these days on string gauge?  if so, why?

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    I moved up to 11s in my second year of playing, and added a wound 3rd a couple years later. I'm not comfortable playing lower. In fact, my new Gibson LP Special felt weird with the stock 10s, but feels awesome to me with my regular gauge.
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      I tried 11s on my Tele and didn't like them. They felt like they were going to snap if I did bends. I also thought the higher strings slightly drowned out the lower strings.

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    I switched from 10's to 11's after my first rock gig and never looked back.  I realized I couldn't feel the strings due to the adrenaline rush I always get while performing and I was wondering if I was pulling them out of tune.  Also, I find the heavier strings feel like they're resonating the guitar a lot more than 10's. 

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      i play Dunlop 11s on my Ric. it just feels right with them. i'm a firm believer in the idea that every guitar sets up differently, and string gauge plays into that. 

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      I used to use 9-42s, put a set of 9-46 on one, now going with 10-46s on whatever I change strings on.