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NGD - KxK 7 scale (insert joke about purple)

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  • NGD - KxK 7 scale (insert joke about purple)

    I'm used to rolling into a NGD thread with a ridiculous pun, but I've had some weird infection for the last week. I didn't even have the energy to play the guitar or put the thread together.

    Friday was pretty ridiculous. It arrived at the UPS hold facility around 7am. Everyone at work was gracious enough to cover for me during lunch. When I got there, both employees searched for 45 minutes with zero success. I'm now ready for a heart attack. They both assure me that the probably got scanned, but the driver simply forgot to pull it off of the truck. There were two drivers that were in there earlier, so she called both. Neither of them had it on the truck. Heart attack is feeling like a sure bet. I'd been there for an hour at that point, and I really needed to get back to work. About a half hour after I left, one of them called to say it was found. I rolled over after work to pick it up, but they couldn't find it...again. It took them 45 minutes of digging around in the warehouse to find it.

    Unfortunately, I'm not a half hour late to go meet my girlfriend's parents for the first time. I didn't even have 5 minutes to rip the box open and make sure everything was cool. I had to wait a few hours and pray it arrived safely.

    I honestly still haven't had a chance to play it a ton. I think a quick video together Saturday morning. There's still zero natural sunlight in Pittsburgh, so I doubt my Zoom picks up the beauty of this thing. I also haven't taken my own pictures yet. These are just what Rob took when he finished the monster.






    I threw a set of new strings on Sunday morning and got it set up for A standard. It's definitely going to take some tweaking to figure out string gauges. I absolutely expected that though. This guitar is NICE! Who is surprised though? The natural binding was most impressive thing right out of the box. The lines all look phenomenal. I thought that maybe it could be confused for plastic binding from a distance, but it definitely looks more impressive.

    I still have absolutely no idea what the pickups sound like. Quite a few people seem to rave about Rob's, so I'm really curious to get a feel for them. I'm not sure what I'd do if they're not my thing though.

    I was really dreading the transition to a fanned fret. I was worried it would be weird or uncomfortable. I was wrong. It was almost seamless. The only thing that feels strange is tapping with my right hand on the top end of an arpeggio. I doubt that'll take long to adjust my technique though. Complex chords feel great, and single note riffs that jump between a few frets and strings actually seem to require less strain. I have small hands, so the theoretically "ergonomic" feel of having a fan was really attractive.

    That's it for now. I'm sure more musings will be posted as I get time with this beauty.

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    Purple is my favorite color - it's a beauty! Seven strings with fanned frets is unique for sure. I've never seen one in person. HNGD!
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