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Dating Aria Pro II FA-70, L5 Jazz Guitar


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  • Dating Aria Pro II FA-70, L5 Jazz Guitar


    S5007826.JPGI recently acquired a beautiful Aria Pro II FA-70, looks to be a spot on copy of a Gibson L5?  Sunburst, dual humbuckers, solid back and top, nice set neck (3-piece, no scarf joint) There is no country of manufactuing on the guitar, PO indicated it was a late 1980s, early 90's date.  Serial number is S020512265.  I have been to the commonly referenced serial dating page for Arias with no firm answer.  My best guess is that it is a Samick/Korea produced model.  Sounds and looks amazing, has a perfect hardshell case.  I wanna price it so I don't ask too much for it but in my mind it rivals  $1000+ hollowbodies I have played/heard.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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    Is "Dating Area Pro" a politically correct name for a hooker?


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      Haha.  Nice catch.  Darn speed typing.  "Pro" would at least convey experience.  Any other ideas?