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Got around to cleaning up the Big Apple Strat...


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  • Got around to cleaning up the Big Apple Strat...

    Took this Big Apple Strat in trade last week.  They guy had owned it for 9 years, and had only kept it as a back up to his Les Paul.  Consequently, it spent a lot of time in the case (good for me), or on a stand.  Wasn't in bad shape, but needed a good cleaning.  Took it apart, just to make sure everything looked good...


    SD '59 in the neck position

    photo 2.JPG

    Pearly Gates in the bridge...

    photo 4.JPG

    Everything looks to be stock, and in great shape.

    photo 5.JPG



    Body has very little wear on it.  A few swirls on the back, but for being a January '99 model, its in amazing shape!  Oiled and cleaned the fretboard, and then installed a new set of Slinky Cobalts.  The bridge needed a bit of adjustment, as it was not setting right.  Adjusted the claw on the back, and it's looking good.  Lowered the action a bit with that, so it plays even better now.  It's set up for 10's, so it's got a bit of beef to the tone, but enough Fender sound to it that it sounds really good!  Love it!  ...and no hum...

    photo 12.JPG

    photo 14.JPG

    photo 13.JPG

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    That is really regal.  I love the way Fender wires em up and makes em look so clean.  Even my old MIMs (93 & 98) are wired up so orderly with zip ties.  Course it looks a lot messier after I put some better pickups in.  Something you won't have to worry about with those Duncans.  Love a 59 in the neck and I've only heard good things about the Pearly Gates. 

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      Yeah, really like this pickup set.  I have never had a ton of experience with a Pearly Gates humbucker, but I have always wanted an original Lone Star Strat, and that's the same humbucker as this one...