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What music software have bought?

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  • What music software have bought?

    Here are some of the things I've bought and my quick thoughts on each:

    Apple Logic 9 + Mainstage
    Probably the most essential programs I have. I use GarageBand a lot, too, and Logic can import GarageBand files, which is great. Mainstage is great for playing guitar through.

    Native Guitar Rig 5
    Well worth the money (esp since I got it for free w/ my Native Komplete interface), but I find myself using Apple's built-in amp modelers a lot more lately.

    Guitar Pro 6
    We're all busy people, right? So I occasionally write parts for my bandmates to play and I can tab them out quickly in Guitar Pro, then make a quick playthrough video, and then they can learn parts at their own leisure and you don't have to waste time in rehearsal. If you're a writer, I think this program is essential.

    iZotope Studio
    This includes Alloy, Ozone, and Nectar. It's great for when I don't want to sit there and work out every effect I want to use on everything, I can have pretty powerful channel strips at my disposal.

    Melodyne Editor
    Yeah, judge me all you want. This program is amazing. A little goes a long way, and it seems to work better than Autotune.

    XLN Addictive Drums
    Having tried other drum programs like BFD or DFH, this is my favorite. Also very affordable. The Ludwig kits are amazing. I will probably buy Addictive Keys soon. I have a drummer now but I still like to use Addictive Drums for demos, and I've also been pretty successful with sample replacement using Addictive.

    Electrics: Fender '73 Mustang RI, Epiphone Inspired by John Lennon Casino, Gibson 60s Tribute Les Paul Studio, Daisy Rock Retro-H Deluxe, Squier Hello Kitty Strat x2<br>Acoustics: Taylor 316CE-LTD, Seagull Entourage Rustic CW QIT<br>Basses: Squier Badtz Maru Bronco Bass, Aria CSB-300, Fender Mustang Bass RI<br>Amps: Vox TB18C1, Vox Pathfinder 210, Peavey Transtube Envoy, Ampeg Micro VR Stack<br>My Band: <a href="http://mittensband.com" target="_blank">http://mittensband.com</a>

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    I'm using Cubase 6 Elements as my DAW on an iMac. I have BFD for drum programming.

    I've been seriously contemplating Izotope Ozone 5, but now that you mention the Studio bundle, I'll have to think about whether I need Nectar and Alloy, too, before I make the purchase. 

    Native Komplete is also on my shopping list.

    I don't need Guitar Pro yet, because I'm only interested in recording my originals, not performing them at this point. Although I'll admit I sometimes forget myself how I played something when I come back to it after a while. 




    • kit_strong
      kit_strong commented
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      Like you I also have Logic 9 (express) and Mainstage.  I do still find myself using Garageband more often than not and probably could have done without Logic but Mainstage is defiitely money well spent.


      My best purchase to date has been Schuffham Amps S-gear.  It's a fantastic amp modelling package and at only $75 is an absolute steal.

      In addition to those I also have Camel Audio's Phat and Space which are  pretty cool plugin effects and Nomad Factories Magma virtual effects.

      Between those effects and S-gear I have more than enough tools to create any guitar sound/effect I could ever imagine.

      I also have a Native Instruments Maschine but don't use it nearly as much as I should.

    • honeyiscool
      honeyiscool commented
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      Jerry_Lev wrote:

      I've been seriously contemplating Izotope Ozone 5, but now that you mention the Studio bundle, I'll have to think about whether I need Nectar and Alloy, too, before I make the purchase. 

      Nectar is a bit unnecessary but I think Alloy is excellent. I'd definitely miss it if I didn't have it. Izotope makes a Mix & Master bundle for Ozone and Alloy, and I think that'd be enough if I were doing it over.

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    logic pro 8

    love it... i've been a logic user for a long time now... i know my way around the program, which makes a big difference

    honestly though... DAWs these days are all great... it's when you really get into using aux channels and mixing in stems that they really shine

    my mixes are a hybrid thing... everything goes back to be mixed through my midas venice f firewire mixer


    again, i think all the big drum programs today are good.. i'm happy i chose bfd though... love the raw samples... i do most of the editing in logic though, rather that bfd... i send each drum to it's own track, then the whole lot to a stereo aux channel... then i bus another aux from that and run parallel compression (either software or hardware


    t-racks 3

    i mainly use the single pieces in this now.. particularly the 1176 and la2a models... i have a hardware la2a but the plugin is still pretty cool... i sometimes use their fairchild plug for parallel compression

    i used to run a mastering chain of t-racks after i finished a mix (or during a mix)... but i now use a hardware drawmer 1968 mkii compressor to mix into


    amplitube 3

    never use it


    ampeg svt

    i usually put this on an aux of my di'd bass tone, just blended in a little... it adds some beef to the track and adds flexibility to shaping the tone

    for bass i record through a samsamp bass driver di and the di of my UA solo610 (which has my hardware la2a on the insert for tracking).. the aux of the solo 610 goes to the ampeg software.. then all the tracks come back into 1 channel of my mixer, which sometimes has another hardware compressor on the insert for mixdown


    steven slate drums

    very rarely use them


    valhalla room and vintage reverbs

    $50 each and both cool usable reverbs... i'm really hanging for a great hardware reverb though... either a bricasti or tc4000


    and a bunch of other plugins that i rarely use



    • Bad Robot
      Bad Robot commented
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      Logic Pro;

      Amplitube 3 (with metal & Hendrix);


      Addictive Drums;


      T-RackS Deluxe;

      Scuffham Amps;

      Miroslav Philharmonik;

      Sonik Synth 2;

      Addictive Keys (just the grand);


      I think that pretty well sums it up. More toys than I ever thought I'd own. I tend to prefer ADD over BFD2 for various reasons, simplicity being the main one. I bought BFD2 for

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    the Cakewalk SONAR line...I know it pretty well...still some cool things I haven't gotten to like MIDI split to track whereby you can split a MIDI drum track's individual drums to their own track for seperate processing. MIDI tracks are so much more flexible than audio loops,etc...DAW's are cool except for making drums sound good and authentic so I'm always working on that. Audio drum loops work fine for steady , repeating beats or very simple basic songs, but never seem to match what I want  for transitions, fills, breakdowns, flourishes, tempo changes, variations etc,etc,etc


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      I actually bought everything available on God's green earth, haha!

      For drums (in my kind of music; rock/pop/alternative and progrock) I recently started using:


      Really great and really cheap..!



      • ugameus
        ugameus commented
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        I use MultiTrack by Harmonic Dog.  It is a multi track app for the iPad.  It is simple and works great for what I use it for.  I have the Alesis IO Dock for the iPad.  It has two mic inputs.  It works flawlessly with MultiTrack and I can use the sound of my amp.  No modeling for me.